Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Grand Book Dress Debut

In hindsight, the best time to debut a dress that feels ever so slightly too costume-y probably isn't the week of Halloween.

But yesterday was the day that I finally found the guts to wear the book dress that Mom bought me for my birthday so I just went with it.

The first compliment I got on my dress was when I was at the gym for my lunchtime workout. I probably would have kissed the lady had I not been halfway through changing and all twisted up in the dress and a pair of running tights. The dress passed someone's test outside of my building!

I took this to mean that, even if I looked a little ridiculous wearing my book dress at work (where, you know, my business is books) (where I also don't really care about how I look, to be perfectly honest), my appearance was not ridiculous in general public. Or at least half-dressed in the gym locker room. Whatever. Technicality.

My gym friend seemed to have opened the floodgates because, when I got back to work, everybody had something to say about it. Well, not everybody. Every woman who I was already somewhat friendly with. Oh, it's just so cute. Oh, I just love your dress. What a fun dress!

And then one of my employees, a very sweet older woman, stuck her face way too close to my backside in an attempt to "read the titles."

Which is the same thing my 80-year-old grandfather did at dinner that night.

While my mother and grandmother just cooed about how adorable it was and how sweet I looked and isn't she just darling?

So I suppose I'm not afraid of the dress anymore. It's fun. I'm going with it.

And, bonus: after years of feeling like they do absolutely nothing for my shape, I've learned that I can get away with a shirt dress.

It's a whole new world.  


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