Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Buttercream Cure

The generally annoying nature of last week has bled over into this week. Two irritating weeks in a row is not my favorite.

The reason this week is annoying is because I am making it annoying. I started this week feeling sore and sour and I've been too stubborn and too lazy to change my tune. Instead of getting over myself, I've pouted about:
  • the vacation that I am not on
  • the sleep that I'm not getting
  • Liz's endlessly barking dog
  • the presentation I need to give
  • the work that I need to get done
  • my very flat, very lifeless hair
  • the big game blinders that The Coach is wearing
  • the weather
  • a snub from a handful of my hockey teammates
It is all very silly because it has not been a horrible week. It hasn't been anything close to a horrible week. It's a mediocre week, a run-of-the-mill week. It is nothing to write home about one way or another. I have chosen to be a brat about it.

Not that you haven't noticed. Anybody who has dropped by my humble blog lately has noticed that I am pathetic and whiny. This blog has been, like, So Midwestern and So Fucking Bratty for weeks now.

My bad.

I saw the proverbial light at the end of the crabby tunnel this morning when I thought of someone other than my own damn self for five minutes.

It's my friend/former coworker Maria's birthday today. Maria has had a really hard year; a phone call, a Facebook message and a promise to grab dinner soon did not seem like nearly enough to celebrate her. I brought a bouquet of flowers and a couple dozen cupcakes to her office. (Which is my old office. Which always feels so strange to return to.)

Doing something nice for someone nice is a really quick fix for a persistent foul mood.

As is the buttercream that I ingested while frosting the cupcakes.


Accidentally Me said...

Frosting is good like that, isn't it? I could really go for a cupcake or three right now!

What happened with the hockey team? I'm guessing that this will not improve the chances of you playing next season!

my life is brilliant said...

Wow. You are such a great friend!

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