Sunday, October 20, 2013


For all of my impassioned whining last week, I made it through today's half-marathon without incident.

I picked up my race packet on Friday afternoon. It was a good reason to leave work early.

And an absolutely gorgeous day to be in the D.

I have always gone with Meg to pick up our race packets, so it was all a little different this year. I got through the race expo and walked out with my race bib maybe 15 minutes later. With Meg, we always stop for a little shopping. And by that I mean she's incessantly holding up items and asking "should I buy this?" because she likes to share the blame for any decision to purchase something she doesn't really need.

With as little time as it took me to get my goods, I took a walk along the waterfront. Meg isn't a stroll-around-aimlessly sort of girl and I'm not one to suggest an aimless stroll unless I'm by myself.

I put on my sunglasses and wandered around the city and soaked up the sun and the sights.

I drove downtown by myself this morning, which was quiet in sort of a nice way. Running is a solo activity for me, so doing it all on my own didn't feel terribly wrong. Just different.
I parked in the garage I planned on parking in. I got to the starting line when I planned on getting there. The race organizers played Eminem's "Lose Yourself" just before the start just as I had expected them to.
The race itself went well. I felt pretty strong for the majority of my run. There were no big surprises.
Oh, except for a sweet "good luck" text message from Lucy that included a photo of me and Baby A from one of our recent lunchtime beach trips that made me smile like an idiot.

I also smiled like an idiot when I saw my parents and my cousin Emma just before the Mile 13 marker. Every year, I tell myself (and them) that they don't need to come, that it's too early, that it's so long to drive to see me run for all of 20 seconds, and every year I'm really grateful that they do.

And, for all of the bitching that I did leading up to this run, I set a personal record. 1:52. A whopping 2 minutes faster than last year, which is essentially nothing but feels like somethin' when I take my (lack of) training into consideration.

In the weeks leading up to it, I can never remember what possesses me to sign up for this race.

Then I run it and I remember exactly why.

Because it's nice to feel strong for one day. Because it's nice to have a reason to be proud of myself. Because the medals are shiny. Because I can.


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