Thursday, October 17, 2013

My gift to you

Let's see: this week I've already thrilled you all with my half-marathon anxiety. Which I followed up with an equally intriguing narrative of the state of my sinuses. I am sure we all agree that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to surpass the quality of subjects that I have blogged about this week.

I am willing to try.

I am always willing to try.

I thought about writing about making a budget.
Or about nail polish.
I considered telling you about today's rotten weather.
Maybe Meg's upcoming vacation.
Or The Coach's latest road trip.
I could have written about surprising Dad with lunch on his birthday.
Or the homeless lady who insulted me at work.
Or my fondness for doing laundry.
Maybe the book that I'm reading.
The results of my Brazil trip conundrum.
Worries about buying a house.
What one of my coworkers recently said about my wardrobe.
An explanation of my friendship with Lucy's husband's best friend.
My hypothesis on why I am so whiny when I am sick.

But nothing sounded all that interesting. So I thought I would do you all a favor and take the night off of blogging.

In a roundabout sort of a way.


Accidentally Me said...

I would like to hear further about, in order:

1) The homeless lady that insulted you
2) Your co-workers commentary on your wardrobe
3) Buying a house
4) The budget
5) Lucy's husband's friend.

Whenever you have time to write them, thanks:-)

Kari said...

In no particular order:
1) House buying
2) Brazil Trip
3) Homeless lady insulting you
4) Wardrobe comment by coworker
5) Lucy's husband's best friend
6) How the 1/2 marathon went

Accidentally Me said...

House buying seems to be generating a lot of interest...

And the homeless lady!

A said...

I will get to these! I promise!

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