Monday, October 07, 2013

Maybe that's the problem

A few weeks ago, my cousin/roommate Liz and I spent a morning stretched out on the couch in matching states of disheveled messes, drinking coffee and having a long talk about how lethargic and pathetic and otherwise exhausted we felt.

We arrived home at about the same time yesterday. I had been at soccer and then at my mom and dad's house and then at Trader Joe's. I had just started unpacking groceries when Liz came home. She stood with me in the kitchen for a nanosecond before heading straight to the couch.

"You couldn't make it any further?" I teased her from the kitchen. She was sitting in the dark, tooling around on her phone. Her feet were up and she was clearly not going anywhere.

"I still feel so sluggish," she whined, referring to that conversation we had a few weeks back.

"I know." I came in from the kitchen and sat down on the floor. "I was just talking about that with my mom today. I said 'Mom, I am always so tired.' She said maybe it was the weather change. But I was tired long before the weather change. She asked if I was depressed. I don't feel depressed. She asked if I am overly stressed from my new job. I don't feel overly stressed. I just feel tired all the time."

"I wondered if I was depressed, too," Liz mused. "I don't think that I'm depressed."

"Maybe there's a carbon monoxide leak in the house."

Liz reminded me that there's a carbon monoxide detector.

"Maybe we both have mono. Maybe you infected the house with mono!" Liz has been dating a lot, so I was happy to pinpoint the suspected outbreak of the kissing disease on her.

We laughed at the idea.

"But..." Liz hesitated. "Maybe this is just what getting old feels like."

Liz is just eight months older than me. I wouldn't say that we're even close to being in the same place in our lives but, biologically, we're about the same. 31 and...slowing down?   


And then, sore from the soccer games I played earlier in the day, I struggled back to standing.

Enough said.


Sabrina said...

Oh dear. This weekend I spent several hours sitting on a picnic blanket at a music festival. After awhile we all complained about feeling stiff and uncomfortable, and came to the startling realization that we're in our 30s. Eeks!

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