Friday, October 04, 2013

It's Friday and I'm all over the place!

Questions, questions, give me your questions: I like to do a little Q&A every once and a bit. Is there anything that I've been avoiding that you're curious about? Did I let something drop and you want to know the conclusion? Can't sleep without knowing what size shoe I wear? Leave me your Qs in the comments; I'll dole out the As next week.

Sand and babies: We've had absolutely gorgeous weather this week. I haven't had much time to enjoy it. Yesterday, Lucy invited me to meet her and the boys at the beach that isn't far from my office. We sat on a blanket and Baby A pointed out ducks and filled a cup with rocks and we drank coffee and it was perfect. I went back to work gritty with sand (I needed to get my dress dry cleaned anyway) and so damn content.

Looking at it in black and white: When I was skimming through posts from the last year, I was really struck by what I wrote about The Coach and how I framed things with The Coach around this time last year. It was different. And I know that I keep mentioning that, how things between us feel better and less scary and more secure, but I was making that observation based on my memory and my gut feeling. It was affirming to read blog posts from last year. It made it pretty clear that I'm not just being really optimistic this time through. That it is better. Concretely better. 

Meg update: She has a hole in her heart. It's scary and at the same time it's somewhat comforting to know what the problem is so that her doctors can work on a plan to get it fixed.

Speaking of Meg: Did I mention that she got a dog this summer? He is cute and sweet and so well-behaved that he's in the process of getting certified as a therapy dog. Meg brings him to her clinic and her patients all love him. I do, too.

Work neighbors: Lucy starts her new job next week. Our offices are less than a mile apart. And, to really bring it all full circle, the exact middle point between our offices is the dive bar that we regularly frequented in our early 20s. Who would have ever guessed?

Trouble: Lucy's mom when she pointed out where her office was in relation to mine. "That's trouble." Trouble indeed. We're restricting lunches out to twice a month. And we have grand plans for coffee dates and lunchtime trips to Target and becoming intimately familiar with the selection at the cute little bakery downtown. 

Countdown: I run my fourth half-marathon in 16 days. I am not feeling unprepared but I also don’t feel like I am as trained up as I should be. I am interested to see how it turns out. Maybe the lower mileage will do me a favor. Maybe I’ll crash at Mile 10.

Friday night: yoga pants, Grey’s Anatomy, The Coach’s game via the wonders of the interwebs, nail polish and Nutella brownies.

Reminder: Questions. Gimme.

Request: Have a great weekend, you guys.  


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