Monday, October 14, 2013


I am running a half-marathon on Sunday morning.

I am basically unprepared.

Oh, how simple this half-marathon sounded back in January, when I optimistically registered during the super-super-discount early signup period.

I am definitely missing my sister, Meg, as a training partner. She isn't running this year because:
1. She didn't want to run this year.
2. Then she booked a trip to Mexico to guarantee that she wasn't running.
3. Plus she has that heart thing going on, too. (She's spending the next month wearing a heart monitor to record what's going on.) 

Turns out that training by yourself is sort of a bummer.

It isn't that I haven't run. But I haven't run enough.

I have done a woefully bad job of fitting long runs into my nonexistent training schedule. I will be fine up to mile 9 or 10. After that...things could get interesting.

(I am mostly just hoping that my body magically remembers how to do this.)

There's not really much that I can do about it at this point besides pack my body full of carbohydrates (never a problem) and pick out a cute outfit.

I'll live. I'll finish. I'll be disappointed if it takes me longer than it did last year. And, if it does (and it probably should), I'll use that disappointment as motivation to sign up during the super-super-discount early signup period again and maybe learn from my mistakes this time around.


Unknown said...

this is how me & klav feel too... but this is my first and i may die. good luck!

A said...

No dying allowed!

Sabrina said...

I love Meg's reason #2 not to run :) Good luck! I miss running (injured foot now) but even if you walk most of it, it's still awesome that you're doing it.

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