Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy and American icons

Happy Halloween, you guys!

I am an old, unmotivated grouch so I didn't dress up today.

My Halloween excitement was limited to Lucy's mother's party on Saturday night.

I was, as you can plainly see, the natural beauty and American television icon Vanna White.

It's generally my goal for my costumes to be:
a. a little bit random
b. mildly weird
c. not sexy
d. more recycled from the depths of my closet and less a full ready-to-wear costume that I bought from a store. 

Lucy's mom is a retired schoolteacher and she goes all out for her Halloween party every year. It invariably includes a rousing game of cakewalk in the garage and some bingo in the kitchen and a costume contest, of course. It is absolutely her excuse to act like a teacher for a night and it is adorable.  

Baby A was a stinker and refused to wear the assortment of costumes that Lucy presented him with on the night of the party. These costumes included: a Lego block, Batman and bear.

I also suggested that Lucy frizz out his hair a little bit, give him a paintbrush and call him Bob Ross but that dream, sadly, did not come to fruition.

(Is it bad that I want children mostly so I can dress them up in funny outfits for holidays and other occasions?)

That stubborn child was not too cool to sit out cakewalk, however. He even took his (incredibly crazy-eyed) auntie on a few spins 'round the game.

I'll have you all know that I won a picture frame.

Yet no prize for having the biggest hair at the party. (Even though I clearly had the biggest hair at the party.)

Whatever you are or whatever you aren't -- though I will always advocate for the wisdom of big hair and an American television icon -- have a lovely holiday.

It's an excuse to eat candy. Embrace it.


k said...

Ha - I am being Vanna too! Your hair is certainly bigger than mine will be (my party is this weekend).

a said...

Love your costume!
'Lil ones and costumes is always fun. Trying to get my nephew to wear a costume when he was 1.5 -- impossible. Finally found one of those pumpkin costumes that is a lot like a coat and told him we were going outside and he needed to put on his coat. I had to keep my coat on when we came indoors after -- small price to pay!

Unknown said...

You look fabulous!

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