Wednesday, October 02, 2013

All Smiles

I woke up this morning to the sweetest email.

It set me up for an awesome day.

I arrived at work to the sweetest Facebook post from my very best friend.

It feels very validating to be important to someone who is so important to you.

Today is my birthday and what a birthday this is turning out to be.

Every time I turn around, there's another reason to smile.

Meg surprised me with doughnuts and cider from the cider mill.

And Grandma stopped by with cookies.

While we had already celebrated my birthday, Lucy brought me Nutella brownies. And my two favorite little boys. And out to lunch, where Chet met us and I shared an ice cream sundae with Baby A. 

There were flowers.

And cards.

And a very unexpected birthday gift mailed straight to my office.

I expected a quiet birthday. I was okay with a quiet birthday. I celebrated with my family over the weekend. Lucy organized festivities for Monday night. I booked myself a massage and called it good.

I got a lot more than good.

I got a lot of reminders that a lot of people really love me.

Plus a lot of sweets.

This year is starting out right.


Unknown said...

okay so, what was the birthday gift? :) glad it was such a great day!

A said...

A necklace from my aunt and uncle in Chicago. Pictures soon!

Kari said...

And who sent the flowers? The coach??

Sabrina said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you received some wonderful wishes.

Accidentally Me said...

And who sent the email? This post is sadly lacking in birthday details:-)

A said...

The flowers were from Lucy and the boys.

Never in a million years would The Coach would have his shit together enough to get me something on time! He's a Christmas-shop-at-5-pm-on-the-24th guy which doesn't really work when you need to ship it, too. (To give him a small break: my birthday falls on the absolute worst week of the year in terms of when his season starts.)

Email is from Chet's friend from Israel, Alon. The one who went on vacation with us the last couple of years. He his honestly one of the kindest people I have ever met. He, Lucy and I have an eternal email chain going and I love it.

kari said...

Too bad AM hadn't paid the Coach a visit....

Accidentally Me said...

Not because I was unwilling!!!

A said...

I should have thought this through. My girl AM could have done some major brain picking (#1 skill for sure) and picked me out a birthday present that isn't, like, one of his team's sweatshirts.

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