Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Watch Out, World

Lucy's going back to work.

And her office is right down the street from mine.

Lunches! Coffee breaks! General awesomeness!

Also, my birthday is in two weeks and look what I ordered to commemorate my 31st birthday.




Anonymous said...

Lucy back at work, already!....didn't the baby just arrive?! I feel fortunate to have the option to take up to a year off for mat leave being that I live north of your border. I didn't realize it was so short in the US.

A said...

There's no mandated paid maternity leave here! (Most people can take 12 weeks...unpaid. And many companies offer maternity leave, but the length varies.) It's awful.

Lucy's going back to work because she feels ready, basically. Baby L is 9 weeks old. She'll only work one day a week for a while, increase it up to two days eventually and she'll likely have the opportunity to go full time in the future.

This is totally on her terms, which I think is nice. I think she's ready to be out of the house a bit; she's been mainly (working one day/week) for well over a year.

Anonymous said...

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