Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time Crunch

I do not excel at keeping a reasonable, manageable schedule.

I like to be busy but I don't like to be exhausted. It's a delicate balance. I'm a little better than I used to be, I think, at recognizing when too much is too much.

Maybe I'm just getting crabby in my old age (I turn 31 next week!), maybe it's just harder for me to go-go-go-go-go-go like I used to, maybe I just value my time a little bit more, maybe I know that this new job has demands that my old job didn't, maybe I'm just trying to treat myself a little better. I'm not exactly sure of the reason, but things that used to appeal to me feel like too great of a commitment. I am more aware that I can't be everywhere and everything to everyone all at once.

Recently, I crossed paths with a very tempting volunteer opportunity. Basically, I would be teaching skating. Which I used to do. Which I miss.

I am wrestling with that decision. I want to do it. I want to commit. I also want five seconds to myself every once and a while and that's been really, really hard to come by.

I don't think that I will regret it. If it's anything like my last job coaching skating, I will get more out of it than the kids did. (And back then I was getting paid!) But I am having such a difficult time pulling the trigger on committing.

I just want more time!

And more sleep.  


Kari said...

I would say don't take on anything new until you've been at your new job 1 year...then you can start adding things in.
Also -- if you really really wanted to do it -- you wouldn't be wrestling with the decision. Things that feel right from the get go usually are.

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