Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Story of Meg and the Boy

On our soccer road trip last week, Meg met a boy and, as I told you, things didn't work out with Meg and this boy.

But their story is cute.

And I honestly feel like we haven't seen the last of this boy.

So I'm going to tell you the story.

Once upon a time, Meg and I saw this boy, Ryan, play soccer. Actually, we saw him play soccer multiple times. And our sweet Meg -- our sweet, sweet Meg -- never has a shortage of opinions.

She was not shy to tell us that Ryan was The Worst Soccer Player Ever. Despite playing for a team that we were paying money to watch. Despite his impressive list of credentials. She proclaimed him fat and lazy and awful at soccer.

Multiple times at multiple games.

Perhaps it was kismet but somehow Ryan ended up following Meg via social media. She called me when that happened and we laughed and laughed. "Oh, if only he knew!"

If only he knew.

We were standing in line at the soccer game, waiting to get through security and get through the gates, and Meg saw Ryan. She's never met him but she waved at him anyway. That's what Meg is like. Especially Meg after she's had a drink or two.

And she pointed out to me where Ryan was and told me what she had just done and we laughed and laughed.

We got into the stadium and we went to our seats and I made a pre-game dash for the bathrooms and, when I got back, Meg was gone.

I heard her yelling my name and there she was, standing right against the field. I walked down the steps to see her and she's laughing and grinning and "RYAN JUST ASKED FOR MY PHONE NUMBER."


He was on the field for some pre-game festivities because he's fancy pants and apparently the kid has balls because he asked Meg for her number and obviously Meg is going to give it to him.

We watched the game and everyone had awful service so Meg didn't hear from Ryan until after the game was over. We were in the car. And I was responding to his text messages. ("Don't tell Ryan that I was the one SEXTING him!" I told her. [I wasn't really sexting him.])

So he wanted to go out. Of course. We'd been drinking since 3:00 pm in the 90+ degree heat and humidity and I had never needed a shower like I needed a shower then but I wasn't going to tell Meg that I wanted a shower and some sleep. And I wasn't going to tell Meg to go out on her own.

We went back to the hotel and changed our clothes and we headed to the bar where he said he would be. Eventually. ...his phone, as he warned Meg would happen, had died somewhere along the line.

Meg and I ordered dinner and drinks and just hung out. Ryan came in a little while later with an entourage. A whole group of people he works with. Meg got up to talk to him for a bit and eventually he headed to his table, promising that he would stop by eventually.

And he didn't stop by and he didn't stop by and then I realized that it was because I was sitting there so I took the longest trip to the bathroom ever and when I got back he was obviously sitting there with Meg. Obviously.

So apparently he's a little shy. (Which he had indicated to Meg in one of the 1,384 text messaged they'd already exchanged.) And totally clicked with Meg.

Meg and Ryan have a crazy lot in common. Former student-athletes. Good jobs. Almost the same age. Similar sense of humor. As athletes, they're both these complete scrappers, just kind of rough and relentless. I could just picture them having these stocky, tough little ruffian athlete babies. Soccer players, of course.

And I loved that Ryan had a lot in common with Drew, Meg's ex-boyfriend, but on a higher scale. For example: both are soccer players; Ryan is much more accomplished.

I was totally excited about him so I can only imagine how geeked Meg was. He sent Meg text messages like it was going out of style for the next couple of days, before the big reveal. That he was "kind of" seeing somebody.

I mean, I guess kudos to him for coming clean. Still sucks, though. 

Meg cut it off right quick.  

But I don't think that this is the last we've heard from Ryan. I think that when he isn't "kind of" seeing anyone else, he'll be "kind of" back in the picture.

I hope so, anyway.

I have a good feeling about him.


my life is brilliant said...

Yay! How fun! Does Meg know about the Coach yet?

Paul Michael Peters said...

I like that as a couple they are one funny and delightfully cute on screen presence, Meg Ryan.

A said...

Ha, p2! I didn't even notice that. MAYBE IT REALLY IS FATE!

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