Friday, September 13, 2013

Sassy Pants

Theme of the week: crazy pants.

First: the star spangled jeggings of Tuesday. Then: polka dot print on Thursday.

I gave these pants a try over the weekend, decided that they made my ass look like a wide, polka dotted billboard and then stepped out of the fitting room and allowed my mother and the saleswoman to talk me into buying them.

I wasn't 100% convinced but couldn't deny that they're kind of fun and, since I can get away with kind of fun at work, I went with it.

Maybe I'm just not that great at knowing what looks good on me, or maybe it was a coincidence, but I had two ladies stop me at Tim Horton's to tell me how darling they were and then Lucy gave them her seal of approval and, when I met her for dinner last night, Maria gave them a thumbs up, too. 

As for Baby L: he thought they made for a pretty comfy recliner. And he just can't understand the pumpkin spice latte hype.


Sabrina said...

I love printed pants! Especially polkadotted ones.

Sarah said...

I think you look FABULOUS!! I love them! They are sassy and fun and while they are unique, they are not TOO flashy (does that make sense)?? xoxo GFF

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