Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Random Tuesday in September

Now, I wouldn't expect you to know this unless you're a big international soccer fan, but next Tuesday night there's a big U.S. Men's National Team game against Mexico. It's a qualifying match for next summer's World Cup in Brazil and Mexico is probably the American team's biggest rival.

The game is in Columbus, Ohio, which isn't even a four hour drive from Detroit, so Meg and I are breaking out our red, white and blue and making the trip.

Stepping foot in Columbus is slightly nauseating* for Michigan grads -- and this is our second trip to Columbus for a U.S. Men's National Team game -- if that gives you any idea of our love for the American team.

We had a few friends express an interest in going to the game with us and, as friends do, they all backed out when it came to fully committing and taking the day off of work and giving me the cash for the tickets.

Upon realizing the ticket demand (seriously big deal game), we stopped inviting friends and decided to list our tickets for sale. Even minus the website's 15% commission, we covered the cost of our tickets, too. Not upset about it.

Also not upset about the two free nights of hotel stay (which I earned dropping ridiculous cash for hotel rooms at the Kentucky Derby) that we're cashing in for our trip.

Basically, we're looking at a nearly free trip to Columbus on a random Tuesday in September for what is expected to be an epic soccer match and a really excellent opportunity to finally break out my patriotic pants.

Definitely looking forward to it.

Especially the part of the trip where we moon Ohio Stadium.

Not really.

We graduated from the classy school. 

*All in good fun, of course. I actually like Columbus and I generally have no problem with Ohio. "That school in Ohio," as we often refer to the school which must not be named, will forever and always be disdained. The hatred is not optional. 


Kari said...

I totally understand. You feel the same way about Ohio as I do about North Dakota -- in particular Fargo. The peops who went to NDSU seemed to think they were our rivals. We didn't think they were even in the same league as us. However, it doesn't stop me from going to Fargo for some cross border shopping. I do however always wear my Gopher gear and I may happen to ask the people at the sporting good stores where there college apparel is and when they point to the NDSU stuff I ask again no where is your college apparel you know from like a real college. Yes I am the reason people in Fargo hate Cdns :)

Accidentally Me said...

I'm not allowed to tell you the school that I am contractually obligated to hate.

You understand...

A said...

I understand completely.

A said...

Kari: LOVE IT. We're all serious and politically correct and whatever all the damn time and it's okay to have (possibly irrational) hate for an institution, damnit. And now I'm going to hate North Dakota in honor of you. What's one more state to dislike?!

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