Thursday, September 05, 2013

Oh, the horror

Late last night, well after midnight, I definitely made a mistaken social media post that was most certainly not for everyone and anyone to see.

It was a picture and, trust me, it wasn't of Anthony Weiner proportions (not even close, thanks) but still horrifying enough and it was only up for about 20 minutes before I corrected my error and two people at most saw it but I am still a little (a lot) mortified. I'm not some old person with a shaky grasp of technology and social media. I KNOW BETTER.

I am so stupid.

I honestly have no idea how I managed to make that mistake and it's such a rookie move and that's basically why I feel like I want to crawl under a rock and die. It isn't the picture itself.

(It was just kind of a vapid "oh look at me" attention-seeking teenage girl picture that was jokingly going to The Coach -- at his request -- and not to the world. Not the type that would get me arrested, get me fired or land me an adult film contract. Just not very me and therefore embarrassing.)

Obviously it was deleted immediately and it's over and, like I said, it was late and I don't think anyone really saw it and I don't think that anyone who did would say something to me (though I think I'll have a few nightmares of my cousin Paul making some "hey, nice glamor shot" crack at a family party and humiliating me) but I woke up this morning still feeling like the biggest tool.

I continued to feel like a jerk until I realized that it could be much worse.

I could have posted the link to my blog, instead.

There's not a picture you could take that would make me feel more exposed than I would feel opening up my blog to everyone in my life.

(I've always kind of expected that someone will find it at sometime -- or maybe they already have -- but everyone finding it all at once? That would be a lot.)  

(Remind me again why I keep this blog public?)



k said...

And when are you going to post this picture for all your lovely blog friends to see ;)

When I was writing in both my blogs I had the fear that one day I was going to post something in the wrong one (and several people, including my parents get email notifications when I post). One day my finger was hovering over the post button as I noticed my mistake. Ack!

A said...

I TOTALLY would have posted it here if I hadn't deleted it from anywhere/everywhere in my post-mistake humiliation. I'm totally okay with the entire internet knowing that I'm a turd, just not my closest family/friends. Makes sense, right?

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