Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrity is so hard

The soccer game on Tuesday was a pretty big deal. It's why we traveled to Columbus to see it. It's why we wore our finest Americana apparel. It's why the parking lot opened for tailgating at 11:00 am and it's why the designated meet-up bar was packed. And it's why Meg and I braved the heat and went to the bar and tailgated for a while and generally cooked in our awesome patriotic jeggings even though, honestly, we're not big on tailgating or drinking in excessive temperatures.

Being that it was a big match and security was supposed to be tight, we headed towards the stadium with plenty of time to spare.

It was good because then we had time to ask a kind gentleman to snap a quick picture of us.

It was good because then we had time to stop and chat with a group of guys from Pittsburgh.

It was good because then we weren't pressed for time when a pair of fans decked out in Mexico gear approached us with their cell phones out and smiles on their faces. "Can we get a picture?"

It was a request that we fielded more than a few times when we were in South Africa for the World Cup, so it, oddly, didn't strike us as that unusual.

Apparently random guys really like the opportunity for a photo with a pair of girls all decked out for a soccer game. Whatever. We're happy to oblige.

So we took pictures with these two Mexican guys -- and, actually, we'd taken pictures with a couple of Americans earlier in the afternoon, too (it was the pants) -- and continued towards the stadium.

We hadn't gone twenty yards when we were stopped by more Mexican fans. Like, probably 30. All of whom were nice and funny and polite. It wasn't at all creepy. But it was funny. We stood there like we were the damn Liberty Bell and mugged for photo after photo after photo.

"Blondies! Blondies! We love the blondies!" One man laughed as he plopped his sombrero on my head and put his arms around our shoulders. We smiled. And smiled and smiled and smiled.

We had been there for probably 15 minutes when Meg broke out the polite celebrity speak and was like "okay, okay, just one more."

And after just 10 more photos, we were on our way to the stadium gates with a silly story and our cheeks sore from smiling.The delay set us up perfectly, actually, for Meg to run into a boy.

I'll tell you guys that story next.


Accidentally Me said...

I think I speak for everyone in announcing that this story would be way better if YOU were the one running into boys:-P!

A said...

Always sassin' me!

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