Monday, September 23, 2013

All the cool kids are doing it

I was all smiles when I left work this evening. The world was nothing but sunshine and rainbows, cotton candy and unicorns. I was in the best mood.

Because I didn't have to go to the gym. And I didn't have to feel guilty because I wasn't going to the gym. Because I had already gone!

It's the golden ticket, you guys. I found the golden ticket and the golden ticket is this: going to the gym at lunchtime.

Okay, so I do realize that I've mentioned this before but kindly indulge me once again. I have worked out at lunchtime more and I have more praise to give.

I've only been at my new job for 10ish weeks, so I hadn't established any real routines. But one habit that I stuck to was this: eating lunch in my office.

Not great. Especially with the stress of this new job and everything that I have to learn and being the boss and whatever. I need to check out for a while. Going to lunch every day isn't my style. Eating in the lunchroom doesn't feel like a break (especially since it's all of 15 yards from my office).

But my gym is not a restaurant and it isn't my office and it isn't the lunchroom and it is two miles away.

My gym is obnoxiously busy in the evenings. I can get a good workout in, sure, but it's just crowded. Not at lunchtime!

Plus I'm tired in the evenings. Eventually, I'll settle in to the job and I won't be so drained at the end of the day but right now I'm exhausted. Not at lunchtime!

Basically, my routine looks something like this: dash out of the office, drive two miles, quick change in the locker room, 4 or 5 miles on the treadmill, the world's fastest shower, get dressed again, slap on a little makeup and get back to work. I give myself an hour and a half.

I feel so good when I'm done. I have way, way, way more energy in the second half of the day if I've worked out at lunch. Getting my run checked off of my to-do list feels phenomenal. Watching a little bit of daytime television feels like a treat.

It isn't as big of a hassle as you would think. I eat my lunch a little before I head to the gym, so I feel properly fueled. It takes two seconds in the morning to toss an outfit in my bag and dump it in the trunk of my car. My gym bag is already stocked with shower supplies but I think I'll simplify by buying duplicates of my makeup essentials (tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, mascara) and just keeping it in my gym bag. For now, I've been bringing along my makeup bag, too.

My last job definitely did not afford me the flexibility to go to the gym at lunchtime. I'm so pleased to have the freedom to get my workout in during the day now. It practically cancels out the increased stress and the not-nearly-big-enough-increase in salary.


Loving it.


Kari said...

I love my lunch time yoga...should also try the gym at lunch.

Lynn said...

I'm impressed you can do all that in an hour and a half. I wish my gym was closer to work. I have to go at 5 with the horde.

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