Monday, September 30, 2013

About Work

Today marks the start of my 13th week at my new job.

I have a lot of stories that I wish that I could share. Stories about what it's like to report to a board. Stories about small town government. Stories about the people who use our services. Stories about my employees, a good many of whom have been working here for over 20 years. Stories about really bad days. Stories about really good days.

I blogged about previous jobs (viciously, sometimes, and I was lucky that I wasn't ever caught) but I'm not comfortable blogging about this one.

So I will tell you what I can tell you.

This job is hard.

And I don't regret taking it.

Every day I get a little better. Some days my improvement is limited to knowing when it would be good to leave the office, drop by Mom and Dad's house and spend an hour sitting on the deck in the sunshine.

Some days that seems like more than enough.


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