Sunday, September 29, 2013

360° of what I've been up to

The Bad
1. I am not a fan of going more than two days without blogging and yet somehow I took an unintentional blogging hiatus. I kept meaning to blog and I kept managing not to get it done.
2. I have spent a lot of time worrying about Meg, who is dealing with an undiagnosed heart problem. They discovered that she had high blood pressure this summer. She's had plenty of episodes similar to yesterday, when she felt overexerted while making her bed. Meg has been seeing doctors and she had a stress test that came back normal, but she's most definitely not 100% okay. I saw my mom yesterday and when my mom, scary-tough-ICU-nursing-professor got choked up when she admitted "I'm afraid Meg is going to drop dead when she's playing hockey," well, it scared me.
3. I've just been at work far, far too much. I'm tired.

The Undecided
1. I had my hair cut and highlighted yesterday and it's...okay? I let my stylist stray from the usual, which left me with a lot more lowlights than she normally puts in and, as I said before, it's okay. I just think maybe I prefer myself a little blonder.
2. One of the casualties of my new job has been my reading list. I started a new book this weekend, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness. I have not had a chance to make a substantial dent but it seems quite promising. I'm a sucker for a good memoir.  

The Good
1. I combatted the urge to crawl into bed the minute I got home tonight and, instead, I spent all of 20 minutes putting together my lunches and breakfasts for the week. I've been a little lazy about getting my act together on Sunday nights. I've been a little lazy about everything.
2. After my soccer games today, I met my parents and my cousin Emma for my first official birthday celebration. It basically consisted of a really, really awesome lunch and some equally awesome presents. I'm not mad about it.  
3. I had a meeting just around the corner from Lucy's house on Thursday morning, so I got to stop by the house for lunch with Lucy and Baby L. There are perks to being the boss and one of those perks is that I'm the only one accountable for my time. Infant therapy makes me infinitely more productive, anyway.

The Upcoming
1. Another thrilling 6-day workweek!
2. Celebrating my birthday with Lucy tomorrow night.
3. Celebrating my birthday with myself via a massage appointment scheduled for Wednesday.
4. Thanks to a rapidly approaching half-marathon, more running than I really feel like doing. Training is finally starting to go well so I will abstain from complaining too much.
5. Making it a priority to keep up with my blogging. Three bad days doesn't mean I'm falling out of the habit, but I do want to make sure that I make the time to blog. It's good for me.

What's going on with you guys? Anything good, bad, exceptional, awful, so-so?


Gloria Johnson said...

Glad to see your post, I was starting to worry since you post so regularly. Sorry to hear about your sister, that is scary. I'll keep her in my prayers for a good outcome.

Lynn said...

Brain on Fire is an excellent book.

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