Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacation: Second Half

On Friday, we got up early and made the drive to Tahquamenon Falls.

It was kind of the perfect trip for us because it was only an hour away, because we got to see something beautiful, because we got a little bit of exercise and because it was unstructured enough that the idiot boys didn't reject it.

Baby A thought it was a jolly little hike and Baby L slept through the entire journey.

We had a picnic lunch and then we sent the boys off in search of another classic Michigan tourist destination, Pictured Rocks, where they failed to take in any of the various ways you could see the gorgeous multicolored sandstone cliffs (boat tours, kayaking, etc.) and just went swimming. Why drive an extra two hours to go swimming when you could go swimming in the lake that is 10 feet from the cabin?

But anyway.

Lucy and I took the babies and went back to the cabin and chilled for the remainder of the afternoon.

I played with Baby A and looked like a lunatic.

(Nothing about that picture is flattering.)

And we made a vegetarian, kosher-dairy-heavy dinner. Then the boys came home and we found out that Eyal had eaten the leftover sandwiches -- and therefore meat -- on their drive home and couldn't eat most of what we had made. Thankfully, we had fish and a salad that was okay for him to eat.

We felt pretty rough about that. We were obsessed with accommodating his kosher eating because we didn't want him to feel left out and then: we left him out. It sucked. But he was very cool about it.

Chet wasn't cool about it and he wasn't cool with an innocuous interaction with Lucy when we got back and that started a little spat that didn't get resolved until Sunday morning. Lucy and Chet hardly ever fight, so I felt awful about it. But if you're going to fight, it's going to be when you take friends, a toddler and your newborn on vacation, right? It was bound to happen.

On Saturday, we were somewhat stuck because Eyal also observes the sabbath. No turning on/off lights. No riding in a car. Lucy, Alon and I broke free and headed for town. Lucy and I had back-to-back massage appointments and brought Alon along to entertain us. Our massages were great. When we were through, we stopped at the store for a few items we thought would cheer Chet up (coffee, beer, worms for fishing) but he was still being a crab so I drank the coffee because I am always willing to make those sacrifices.

We spend the rest of the day at the house, hanging out at the lake. I did my best to show Baby A how to be a lake kid. We collected rocks and plopped them into the water and picked them back up and dropped them in again. I put a bucket on the shade in the deck and we poured water into cups and splashed around for hours. He was happy. I was happy.

We cleaned up the house and the sabbath ended and we ate dinner. We went to bed relatively early with plans to get up early again, so we could wash our sheets and pack up the cars and get on the road first thing in the morning.

In reality, I was up an hour before everyone else and I made breakfast and put sheets in the wash and I enjoyed this sunrise.

Eventually, everyone else got up and going and Lucy and Chet worked out their argument (in a nutshell: Lucy needs to get better at saying no; Chet needs to get better about hearing Lucy when she says no) and we wrapped up our vacation and headed back home.

It's always hard to get back to real life but it felt like it was time to go home.

Vacation makes you tired.


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