Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vacation: First Half

We didn't get the water working until early on Wednesday afternoon. I won't bore you with the story. It involved calling my aunt, calling my uncle, calling the homeowner, discussing with Chet, discussing with Alon, discussing with Lucy and finally putting in a service call with the local plumber.

Chet insisted that we could manage without water because he is like that but he didn't put up a fight when we called the plumber and the cost of a service call was terribly minimal and, honestly, we would have paid ten times the amount for the luxury of having running water.

With the water situation under control, we spent the rest of the day relaxing around the house. (Which is what we had attempted to do for the first half of the day but it's impossible to relax when you're sticking your head in a closet every five minutes to check on the water.)

Late in the afternoon, we drove into town and walked around for a while. It was on that drive that I realized that Chet vacations exactly how my father vacations: by wandering. No plan. Which is fine, if your wandering materializes into something but, like my father, Chet's wanderings generally just lead you back to your car without much to show for it. His little brother bought a few postcards. Lucy and I picked out a pair of moccasins for Baby A. We headed back to the house for dinner. The boys were all exhausted from the night before. We were all in bed quite early that night.

On Thursday, we decided to head to Mackinac Island, which is a resort/island/touristy paradise not far from where we were staying. It is the classic Michigan vacation destination.

Lucy wanted Baby A to get in a nap before we left, so we sent the boys off in search of an adventure and made plans to meet them on the island early in the afternoon.

We took the ferry over to the island. It's a short ride and we had a gorgeous view of the Mackinac Bridge.

Baby A thought the ride over was pretty awesome. His Auntie Aly did, too. 

We had a picnic lunch when we met up with the big boys on the island. Then we headed off to do...something. Lucy and I thought the big boys should rent bikes and take a ride around the island. Neither of the Israelis know how to ride a bike.

Foiled, we went for a walk around the island, instead.

After unsuccessfully inspiring the boys to do anything but walk, Lucy got frustrated and Chet stepped up and volunteered to take the babies so we could go for a drink. We made our escape in short order and ducked into the first bar we saw.

Approximately 30 seconds after we took our first and only shot of the day, Chet walked in to get a table outside. The look on Lucy's face was the look of pure horror that only a mom who cannot escape could wear. In the interest of being nice, we took our drinks outside and sat with them.

I'm not sure if we were buzzed from the shots or our eight minutes of freedom.

We didn't stay on the island all that much longer. Lucy and I insisted that we maintain the Mackinac Island tradition and buy fudge from one of the dozens of shops on the island.

I picked out a few slices for myself and had a few more shipped to The Coach -- mostly because if I were the one living out of state I would appreciate a little taste of home. (He probably just thinks that I'm nuts.)

And then we ditched the dudes (who had taken a different boat over) and headed back to the ferry. The ferries run every half-hour and we had 20 minutes and we were both a little wound up from dealing with the guys so why not have another drink?

Classy. Also delicious.

And then we boarded the boat back to the mainland and I snuggled with Baby L and chatted with the nice Canadian family sitting behind me because that is what aunties do.

The nice Canadian mother of the nice Canadian family asked me if I had babies of my own because I was so good with Baby L and it made me want to cry a little but was also very sweet. 

When we got home, we played UNO and made Chet cook dinner and hung out and felt happy.


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