Monday, August 19, 2013

Try not to be too jealous

Sweet baby with a monster butt! Are you green with envy?

If that doesn't make you jealous, certainly the cabin chic bathroom decor has you searching the dark corners of the interwebs for a brown toilet and sepia-toned outdoorsy wallpaper so you can craft your own hunting-themed restroom.

Sorry to brag.

We got back home yesterday afternoon and, while I have lots to write about, I absolutely must admit that one of the very best parts of vacation was nearly five entire days to snuggle on Baby L.

You know, I never fancied myself a baby person and certainly not a newborn person but, honestly, I could not get enough of that precious little muffin.

When I am at Lucy and Chet's house, Baby A wants to play and I am more than happy to play with him. I just hadn't had a lot of time with the little guy (okay, he is only a month old) and it was good for us to catch up. We make a pretty good team with the bottle and we're not so bad on the diaper front but nothing compares to our tag-team cuddling. Professional quality.

Lucy and Chet make awesome babies.


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