Friday, August 30, 2013

Try Again

Twice this week, Vengeful Alyson has been terribly pleased when seeing that a job she wasn't selected for is already, less than a year later, vacant again. 

I was a finalist for one job. It was local and the interviewers clearly liked me and then I was rejected. And when I was the woman who would have been my supervisor added something to her stock rejection that was along the lines of "but you have such a wonderful personality" and it just felt like she was saying that I was just so sweet and peppy and too dumb for the job.

For the other, I was asked to fly in for an interview (which would have landed me within 50 miles of The Coach and wouldn't that have been terribly interesting and I would have been moving for all of the wrong reasons so thank goodness it didn't work out) but they didn't give me anything close to reasonable notice and I had to decline the invitation.

Should have given me the chance, fools. I can all but guarantee that I would still be in either of those positions.

But things happen for a reason.

I didn't get those jobs for a reason. I turned down that other job for a reason. (Even though doing so almost killed me.) I'm in this job for a reason and I think that reason is that I needed a big chance to prove myself and this job is the big chance to prove myself.

Not those other jobs.

They didn't deserve me. They can't even figure out how to hire the best candidate.    


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