Monday, August 26, 2013

SleepyPost 2013

Hi. Hi, friend. Hi, stranger. (Don't be a stranger! Say hi! Please say hi!) How was your weekend?

I'm tired.

Not really so much a good tired as a tired that is standing on my neck and suffocating me.

I am really tired.

It's my own fault.

No regrets.

It's my own fault because I tacked a busy week after a busy vacation.

It's my own fault because, on Thursday night, I stayed up too late Skyping with The Coach.

It's my own fault because, on Friday night, I went out with my soccer teammates on Friday night. And then, instead of going home and crawling right into bed, I was talk-talk-talking to The Coach and then I was still talking to The Coach while eating a grilled cheese sandwich at 4:00 am. I went to bed at 5:00 am.

It's my own fault because, on Saturday, I got up early because I had a baby shower to attend. Instead of napping, I went shopping with my mom and Meg and my cousins. I went to dinner with Lucy where we happily slurped bowls of pho at what might be our new favorite restaurant. And then I was up too late again because The Coach lives in a different time zone and it's just what happens. I'm not mad about it.

Sunday was spent slowly cooking to death at a work fundraising event. That wasn't my own fault except I'm the boss so everything is my fault and it was really hot and the little I had left in my tank evaporated and I melted away and all that remained of me was my skeleton and a J.Crew dress.

There are not enough hours to sleep. There is not enough caffeine to consume.

I am really tired.

It's my own fault.

It was a great weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Some of my best weekends have been like that. I packed so much fun, friends and conversation in that on Monday I just crashed.

I am happy for you! Happy that you get to Skype regularly with the Coach. Happy that things seem to be going much better than they were at this time last year. Happy that you had a wonderful, crazy weekend. :)

(Yeah, hi. Long time reader, but a bit shy about commenting. You did invite comments, though! ). -Addy

LLandL said...

Eeeeeee. Love weekends like this!

A said...

Addy! Hi! You are great! Thank you for reading and thanks for the comment, too.

They certainly are the best and the worst weekends, right? I lived through it so apparently I still have it.

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