Monday, August 05, 2013

One little thing

Lucy's husband, Chet, stopped by during Friday's lovely, relaxing, perfect lake day. Chet is self-employed and so he's able to be around at times when a guy who works 9-5 wouldn't and, while he still works a lot, the flexibility is a serious perk.

He dropped by the lake as we were eating dessert. Perfect timing, as he has a major sweet tooth, and he got to feed Baby L and play with Baby A and hang out a little bit before heading back to work.

I was cleaning up our dessert plates while everyone else was out on the deck. The kitchen at Mom and Dad's house has a window that overlooks the deck and, as we've had mild weather lately, the windows were open. I could hear Chet chatting with my mom in his funny accent that I barely even notice anymore.

They were talking about the babies and how caring for two is harder than Lucy and Chet had expected for it to be. Chet insisted that he loves it, though. And I believe it. He really loves those kids. He's a good dad.

"When Alyson has a baby," he told my mom, "we will watch the baby whenever she wants."

Lucy chimed in, too. "We owe her two straight years of babysitting!"

Those two think I'm more helpful than I really am.

It was my mom's response that caught my attention.

"By the time Aly has a baby, Baby A will be old enough to babysit."

Baby A is 18 months old.

I wish I hadn't heard that. Or I wish that I didn't care because I shouldn't care and it doesn't matter and I'll have babies (or not have babies) when I have babies. 

Some things just hurt more when they come from your mom. 


Readyandfading said...

I totally understand this. Just the other day my mom told me that I need to keep up the good work with my diet and exercise so I can get a beautiful wedding dress. I am NOT engaged yet and I could still get a beautiful wedding dress at the size I am now if I wanted to. Moms!!!!!

Accidentally Me said...

I have to assume that your Mom was just trying to be funny...Moms want to be Grandmas, and all Moms want their kids to find someone and be happy. It is culturally normally for all mothers to begin nagging their daughters about when they are getting married sometime around age 19.

And since you don't share much with her in the way of your own love/dating life, she is left to speculate madly and fish for news from Lucy:-)

Your Mom can totally understand and support your desire to find someone, get married and have kids whenever you choose to but also really, really wish that it were soon:-)

my life is brilliant said...

I agree with AM. I can see how that comment could sting, but I'm sure your mom didn't mean it negatively. She probably just loves babies

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