Saturday, August 31, 2013

Must Be 21

I can't believe I forgot to write about this.

Last Friday night, I went out with my sister and two girls who are on our soccer team.

We started out with dinner and it was great. We progressed over to our shared favorite weirdos-in-high-numbers-but-then-you-don't-care-and-its-great bar and the music was awful so we bailed out pretty early.

From there, I piled all of the girls into my car and we headed north, to a suburb with a large douchebag population and plenty of bars to support their lifestyle.

Also it draws a pretty young crowd.

Well, to be more exact: it draws girls between the ages of 21-25 and it draws guys from 21-30 and creepy dudes who are 45-55. Not everything about the place is unpleasant, but it really can be a gross place. Unless meat markets are your thing.

Anyway. We go there despite knowing better. And then we choose a bar that is certainly full of tools. Young tools at that.

We walk up to the door, my teammate Kristy and I leading the pack. Kristy -- who was born in the same year as me, I would like to point out -- hands over her license to the bouncer on the right, no problem. I hand over my license to the bouncer on the left. He holds it. He inspects it. He brings is closer. He flips it over. He looks at me. And he says "you have to be 21."

I'm just stare at him for a second. Maybe this is a joke. Maybe he's just making a general announcement about the rules. Maybe he's trying to start a conversation. I look at him, waiting, and nothing happens so I reply "so, you're not allowed if you're 30?"

Then he's like "OH! HA! I THOUGHT THAT SAID 1992!"

Because clearly he was unaccustomed to seeing identification with birth years in the 1980s.

And then I died of embarrassment and old age.


Sabrina said...

Hahaha!! At least he didn't suggest you qualify for a senior discount on drinks. At the ripe age of 30, I love being carded.

my life is brilliant said...

So he looked at you and your ID and didn't think you were old enough to get in? I'd take it as a compliment!

Kari said...

Maybe I will show your pic to the some of our new med students and residents and get them to guess how old you are. I could maybe attach your email to said pictures:))
The first time I got carded in the US (I was likely 22 or 23), I looked at the guy like he had rocks for brains...until I remembered that the drinking age was 21 not 18:)

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