Friday, August 16, 2013

Just looking

I'm house hunting.

Not terribly seriously, as I haven't bothered to get pre-approved for a mortgage, but seriously enough that I'm keeping an eye on what's on the market while getting my shit together so that I can get pre-approved for a mortgage sometime in the near future.

Apparently it is time for me to grow up.

My dad's been on me to buy a house for years now, but this is the first time that it really makes sense.

I am feeling more settled.

While this isn't the job that I will be in for 48 years like my predecessor (seriously), I do feel like I actually have a direction to my career that I haven't had in, well, ever. I have a decent idea of where I go from here and that's likely somewhere bigger and better and in the tri-county area.

One of the reasons I've avoiding a house to this point is because I've been afraid that buying a house could potentially keep me from pursuing career opportunities. That I would buy a house and then I would find out that the perfect job is 90 minutes away. 

Where I work now, conveniently, is close to my family and also blissfully central in its location. As long as I find a house that isn't too terribly far from the major thoroughfares, I should be okay. I will have room to grow in my career without being forced to submit to a major commute.

It's impossible to tell, of course. Maybe I'll buy a house and get a job offer out of state that I just can't refuse. Maybe I'll move for an opportunity that isn't my own. The best-laid plans, right?

Maybe I'll buy a house and live in it for my entire adult life. Who's to know?

But there is no question that I am more settled. That I have more direction. That it makes more sense to look.

So that's what I'm doing. Looking.

We'll see what materializes.      


Accidentally Me said...

I think you know where I stand on this:-)

And to help you find your hip, downtown post-industrial conversion bachelorette pad, I direct your attention to this unbiased third-party piece of research:

Ignore the business slant and just focus on what this OBVIOUSLY means for residential development!

Sabrina said...

Good luck! At least you're doing it relatively stress-free, and not on a deadline to buy ASAP.

Despite the fact that I'm 30, homeownership seems way too grown up for me. I'm also a commitment-phobe, but that's a whole different issue. :)

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