Saturday, August 03, 2013

Best Friday

One of the biggest perks about living on a lake is that everything you need is right there.

Hungry? Your whole kitchen is right there.

Sleepy? Your bedroom is right there.

Sick of doing lake things? The couch and the iPad are just at the top of the hill.

It makes it really easy for Lucy to bring the babies over for an afternoon. Getting the kids out of the sun doesn't require packing up and going home for the day. Warming up a bottle doesn't require any planning. She has so much less to pack up and remember and we've done the beach thing but invading Mom and Dad's house is just so, so much easier.

I didn't work yesterday. While I could probably get out of working on the weekends at my new job, I think it's important for the boss to step up and work the not-so-desirable shifts, too, so I haven't eliminated Saturdays from my schedule entirely.

Plus, having the occasional Friday off is pure heaven. 

I invited Lucy to come over with the babies. She delightedly agreed. We did a lot of lovely lake days last summer but hadn't fit in a proper lake day yet this summer.

Baby L is just under three weeks old, so just getting out of the house was a terribly appealing prospect for Lucy.

It was just a special bonus that the field trip included lunch and a little time in the sunshine and an extra set of hands to help with a very active Baby A. 

Three extra sets of hands, actually. My mom was home so I told Lucy to invite her mom over, too. Hurray for another date with our awesome mothers!

I picked up salads from one of our favorite restaurants for lunch. I baked up a terribly easy brie recipe I discovered (and blogged about) last year. I made us a seriously delicious and seriously simple dessert that I promise to tell you all about soon. Fresh and perfect.

Baby A and I looked at swans and waded in the water and played with bubbles. We adults indulged in a glass of champagne and chatted about this and that and enjoyed every damn minute because every damn minute was one to enjoy.

It was the perfect day. The best Friday.


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