Saturday, August 24, 2013

America's Favorite Pastime

I thought Lucy and Chet could use a little break from playing host, so on Wednesday night I took the foreigners down to Comerica Park for a little baseball.

The Tigers were playing the Twins. We sat along the first baseline at my dad's fabulous suggestion. Great seats and the thrill that is potentially catching/being beaned in the face of foul balls.

A rule that I wasn't aware of because I had never had to think about it: you can bring food into the ballpark. This was clutch, as it allowed us to bring in a few single-serve bags of kosher friendly chips.

Neither of the guys had ever been to a baseball game before; it was fun to introduce them to the game. They were amazed at how much faster the game moves in person rather than on television (and I completely agree) and, after the game, Chet's little brother bought a souvenir baseball and he was shocked at how hard the ball was. Isn't that crazy to think about? Not knowing what a baseball feels like in your hands? 

Admittedly, I would have rather it been hockey but it isn't the season. The weather was perfect and the Tigers pulled off an exciting win and that made up for the lack of ice and slapshots.

Maybe next time.


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