Monday, July 22, 2013

We're okay

The second half of last week I was dramatic and annoying. You don't even have to tell me, you guys. I am so aware.

I wish that I could balance out the drama and the annoyance with a really, really good story but apparently my life isn't just a source of blog fodder and sometimes things are resolved quietly and uneventfully.

And that's how things unfolded between me and The Coach.

Bad story. Good result.

I finally worked up the nerve to say something as we were driving back to my house after getting coffee. "About Wednesday. We're cool?" I'm not very smooth. But it worked.

"Yeah, I just wanted to make sure..." He didn't finish. We both know what he was trying to determine.

And then I just told him what I wanted. I didn't point out the things that I wasn't asking for: diamond rings, promises, Facebook relationship statuses, elaborate birthday surprises or to be on a first-name basis with his mother. I just told him what I wanted.

Here is where we're at, I explained, holding out my left hand. Here is where I think we should be. I held my right hand an inch from my left. The differences are fairly minimal and totally realistic and what I want; he's fine with taking that step forward.

The whole conversation was so not a big deal that I'm a little paranoid that he didn't totally get it.

Maybe I'm actually the one who didn't get it. Putting a little conversation off for a good 15 months is a really good way to way to make a small and reasonable talk seem like it's a big talk. A huge talk. The biggest of all talks.

It just...wasn't.

Do I have to come right out and say you guys were right all along?


You guys were right all along.


Kari said...

Glad it went well -- I owe you a bunch of chocolate:)
So have you planned your first visit to AZ?

A said...

hahaha! I give you permission to enjoy chocolates in my honor and we'll call it even!

No trips planned at the moment. Hopefully at some point. I already have a trip planned in September and his schedule gets busy after that, so...we will see.

Kari said...

Hmmm...don't think he'd mind a visit even when he's busy. After all you can skate...he might like having you at practice.

A said...

We'll see. Lots of road games in the fall but I would like to get down there if at all possible. If not, in the new year when I'm truly desperate for the sunshine!

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