Thursday, July 04, 2013

Speaking of my sister (and a certain boy)

The Coach cannot believe that I've never told Meg about us.

He says it all the time. Just like that. "I can't believe you've never told your sister," he says.

I answer the same way every time. "Have you told your brother?"

No. He hasn't. "But my brother doesn't know you."

The Coach and Meg have met, yes. They have been to the same events a small handful of times. They're friends on Facebook. That's it. That's all. They aren't, like, great buddies who talk all of the time and therefore it's criminal that we're keeping this from Meg.

It doesn't matter.

But he still asks. Nearly every time I've seen him this summer, he's asked.

He posed the question yesterday when we were in the car. "I can't believe you've never told your sister about us. Are you ashamed of me?"

I couldn't be further than ashamed of The Coach. Does he really not know that? Can't he see that I'm playing this game by his rules? I keep it quiet for him. I've always kept it quiet for him.
So I don't understand why he asks.

What I do understand -- what I have only recently recognized because I'm a little bit dense and my head is always going a mile a minute whenever I'm with The Coach -- is that he's giving me an opening.

He's giving me the chance to talk.

Now it's time to do it.


k said...

Before I got to the bottom I was thinking that it was totally your opening to talk about the situation.

I don't even think you need to lay it all out on the line to start. You aren't going to tell your sister about him until you know where this is going and where you stand. So where do you stand? It is obvious that you like him and he likes you and maybe it is time to figure out what is or isn't next. I think you can say that with confidence that you don't look like some silly girl who is in love with him and putting forth an ultimatum.

So... are you guys still hooking up this summer??

Kari said...

I think the Coach is trying to figure out how you are classifying this relationship....

A said...

Interesting theories, girls. I plan to find out. And then we'll know the full story! (I feel like this will be a relief for all of us. hahaha.)

K -- yes, we most certainly are.

Michiganmomma said...

I agree with everyone need to talk to him and find out where you two stand. He asked you if he was marriage material and he wants you to be telling people about the two of you...he is interested! Talk to him girl the suspense is killing me!

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