Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Because I didn't have soccer last weekend:
Because Liz is working in Europe:
Because my new job is kicking my ass:
Because Lucy is spending every waking hour trying to get that baby out of her:
Because The Coach has the flu:
Because the next season starts on Sunday:

I've been rewatching the first season of The Newsroom.

I haven't watched an episode since last summer, when The Coach started me watching it. "You'll like it," he promised me. "It's smart."

And he started me watching it and he was right. I liked it. And then he left. Two episodes into the season and he had to go far away and coach and I had to stay here and watch the newest episodes while drinking coffee on Monday mornings.

It was sad.

I had kind of forgotten how sad it was. When he left last year.

I remembered it all as soon as I heard The Newsroom's music theme. It brought it right back.

Just in time.

The second season of The Newsroom starts on Sunday.

The Coach leaves in a couple of weeks.

 Back here again.


my life is brilliant said...

Ugh. Boo. I like that character. You kids need to have that talk, pronto.

Accidentally Me said...

Would it help if I threatened to send him an email opening up the discussion for you..?

A said...

As helpful as that email would be, I am going to be like a really big girl and do this all by myself and, yes, it will be pronto and you guys are going to be so proud of me that you aren't even going to know what to do except probably mail me congratulatory dark chocolate.

Kari said...

I will have a package all ready to go! Better act fast -- it has been hot hot hot here and I don't have AC! :)

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