Sunday, July 07, 2013

Something to Remember

As I was wrapping up my job this week, I had so many coworkers say so many nice things to me. People seemed genuinely happy and excited for me. It’s been really nice. And, afraid that I would cry when they gave it to me at my going-away party, I haven’t even read through the card they all signed for me.

I didn’t work there all that long – just over two years – and I never really felt like I made any super close friends, so I suppose I never realized just how much people liked me.

There was one compliment in particular that I want to remember. It was from a woman who worked outside of my department. We were always friendly, the way you are with a coworker who you don’t really know all that well.

“We’re going to miss you so much, Alyson,” she said to me as we were leaving on Wednesday night. “It’s going to be like the lights went out in this place.”

I need to get better at giving compliments. Because that was really kind. 


Kari said...

Did you start your new job today? Hope it went well!

A said...

I did and it did. Thanks, girlie!

Readyandfading said...

What a wonderful compliment! Best of luck on the new job!

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