Sunday, July 14, 2013

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect

We have perfect weather.
This weather, it is perfect.
I was outside all day yesterday. The entire day. I spent the morning reading outside. I saw The Coach, briefly. (No talk to report due to the brevity.) I sat outside and watched a soccer game Meg and our cousin Emma. 

I ate Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese from a food truck. I met Lucy and Chet (and Baby A, who was mostly snoozing soundly) at the drive-in and Lucy and I talked through both movies but we're pretty sure they were awful anyway (Grown Ups 2 and White House Down) but it was worth it to sit outside and snack and talk until 2:00 am.

It's harder being up until 2:00 am than it used to be.

And we weren't even drinking.

I had a soccer game this morning. The sun was hot. After our game, I headed over to the lake. As I got tons of sun yesterday and have to last through another soccer game later this afternoon, I've taken refuge in the shade.

I'm good with it.

I'm good with this whole weekend. Can we do it again?


Accidentally Me said...

Why does that soccer game look like an Egyptian riot?!?

A said...

Because it is in the D! :) ...smoke bombs (harmless and stinky) set off after a goal by the diehard fans, actually.

Kari said...

I too was confused about the soccer pic -- wondered at first if the mosquitoes were really bad there :)

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