Saturday, July 06, 2013

My hairdresser and my ticking clock

I can always count on my hairdresser for asking it. “So, are you seeing anyone?”

I always dance around giving her a real answer. And she always moans and sighs and gets really loud as she exclaims, for the whole salon to hear, “WHAT’S THE DEAL?!” as though it really matters to her.

I don’t know. Maybe it does really matter to her. Maybe she just really wants to do my hair for my wedding.

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday and apparently she was feeling extra sassy because, following the standard “so, are you seeing anyone?” she skipped over the dramatic questioning about why and how I could be so noncommittal about if there’s anyone significant in my life and don’t I know that I’m a catch, and instead just turned up her volume (you’re welcome for the entertainment, everyone else) and went straight to “YOU KNOW, YOUR MOTHER MIGHT WANT A GRANDCHILD ONE DAY!”

Good Lord.

Apparently, fear that others may become old maids with barren uteruses is just her thing. Another hairdresser chimed in about how my hairdresser gives it to her all the time, too.

My hairdresser did not deny this.

Instead she just pointed out – to everyone in the salon – that her concerns about me are completely valid. “SHE’S 30! HER CLOCK IS TICKING!”

And then she reminded me (and everyone else who was there), “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE MARRIED TO HAVE A BABY. ESPECIALLY NOT AT 30.”

I just laughed it off because, well, what can you do? Stand before the entire salon and explain to everyone that, yes, you’re fully aware that that your clock is ticking because you think of it often? That recently The Takeaway on NPR ran a segment on fertility after 35 and you stopped what you were doing so that you could listen closely?

I didn’t really have any desire to rip open a subject that I won’t even broach with my best friend.

Especially while sporting a head full of foil.

So I just laughed.


Danielle said...

I'll have to listen to that NPR special... Or not, if it will make me feel awful and barran.

My hairdresser knows the dating struggle, and I love her so much for it. Even though the one previous to her cut my hair better, I just mesh with my current one so much more that I don't even care about that.

Besides, the reminder of me being single I get from 1) my mom, 2) society. So I really don't need it from someone I'm paying for services! Dang!

Lifting What? said...

Your hairdresser needs to shut up. So rude....but you know what, things happen so fast....who knows what will be in a year or two. A 2 years ago I was living in Boston with no inclink to live anywhere else. Now I am in London, i mean, things change quickly :)

Kari said...

The whole hairdresser chat is the main reason I go to a male hairdresser -- I can sit and read my book and not have to discuss my personal life. It is wonderful.

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