Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'll be better

It's only Wednesday?

This workweek seems to be kicking my ass especially hard.

Starting a new job is tough, you guys. Especially a new job where you're the boss and you don't have access to your predecessor and your employees only know so much so you're constantly trying to figure things out and figuring something out requires taking 10 steps back and figuring out ten additional tasks before you even complete whatever damn thing you were trying to accomplish in the first place. Exhausting.

It is going as well as can be expected. And this week, as exhausting as it has been, really isn't any worse than any other week has been. But this week is the first week where I haven't been distracted. Lucy isn't giving birth. The Coach isn't leaving. I'm not sick. I'm not coordinating my soccer team or wondering what to buy Meg for her birthday. I'm focusing on work. Which is, unfortunately, not a 7 pound bundle of sleepy baby nor a 6'1" former athlete with what is honestly the best laugh I have ever heard.

Reality, you guys. This is it.

Well, the bulk of it. This is the part that pays the bills.

The part that nobody wants to read about.

Don't give up on me just yet. I have a few adventures up my sleeve. An embarrassing three-trips-to-the-doctors-office-and-a-night-in-urgent-care story to share. Maybe a bit of house hunting to chronicle. The usual family drama. My continued campaign to get Lucy and Chet out of the house so I can have both of their boys to myself. And assorted other stupidity.

There's never a shortage on the stupidity.

Nor is there a shortage on my love for and appreciation of reader suggestions. If I've been neglecting something that you're curious about or you've just been dying to know my favorite color of nail polish, drop me a comment.

I am always a fan of suggestions. And a reason a reason to write about something other than my latest act of stupidity.


Accidentally Me said...

I have a suggestion!!!

Oh, never mind...

A said...

I heart you.

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