Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to it

The Coach is gone. Summer is over. Back to my life.

The stretch of time when The Coach is home very much feels like a vacation. And when he goes -- as he did this weekend -- summer is not over but it feels like it is. I spend the first few days moping and, after that, I am left looking at autumn stretching ahead. It's always busy. Thankfully. It goes fast.

He leaves and I get back into my routine. Having been a total running slacker for the past six weeks, I'm already way behind in training for my October half-marathon. It will soon be time to start my hockey season. I need to actually start planning for next summer's trip to Brazil instead of repeatedly reminding myself that I should start planning for next summer's trip to Brazil. I will address the bag of clothes I need to donate, the pile of papers I need to file, the hotel rooms I haven't booked, the to-do list that I've been ignoring.

It's time to really dig in to this new job. It's time to start looking forward to a quick August vacation with Lucy and her babies. It's time to resume living in the present, instead of always looking forward, always counting down the days until The Coach returns back to work.

He left. Summer is over. And now I make myself a memorable autumn.

What other choice is there?



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