Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Auntie Overboard

I met Baby L last night!

As soon as I left work, I picked up flowers and dinner and headed to the hospital. I'm really lucky and feel really honored that Lucy and Chet want me around for Really Big Things.

I'm not family -- not technically -- and to be the one and only visitor on Baby L's birthday and to be able to hold him for an hour and spend time with his awesome parents was sweet.

When I went home, I went overboard. Again. Just as I did when Baby A was born, I couldn't keep myself out of the kitchen.

Food is love, after all.

Honestly, I have been thinking about what to make for them when the new baby was born since, oh, maybe five minutes after I knew that there was going to be a new baby. I'm so happy to do it.

They'll be discharged from the hospital later today and this is what's waiting at home:
Simple Fig Salad
German Chocolate Pie
Cinnamon raisin bread with this awesome ricotta/honey/rosemary spread to go on top
And a bottle of Moscato, Lucy's favorite. 

The advanced planning meant that I had pie crusts in the freezer and Moscato in the pantry and goat cheese in the refrigerator. I had everything made, cleaned up and put away in two hours.

I sneaked out of work for an hour and dropped off the goods.

They'll have happy tummies. And I'm happy to know that they'll have happy tummies. 


Readyandfading said...

WOW! Looks yummy. You are such a great friend and many many congrats to all of you on the new baby!

my life is brilliant said...

What a great friend! That's probably the best gift you could give them. I was surprised after Caroline was born how hard it was to find the time & energy to cook a meal. So thoughtful of you.

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