Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Somewhere beautiful

I was scheduled to work on Father's Day, so we celebrated with brunch. I met Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandma and my late Aunt Marie's husband, Uncle Bob, at one of my favorite restaurants in town. It's a charming place, built in the old train station, and the food is excellent. I'm pretty pissed that was a good girl and missed out on the opportunity for a pre-work drink because there were a few especially enticing cocktails on the menu.

Damn conscience. 

Brunch was fun and brunch was weird.

Uncle Bob was quiet and withdrawn. Rightfully so. Here he was, at Father's Day brunch: his kids are both out of state, his own dad is dead, his wife is dead. He got a little choked up when we were leaving. I'm glad he could come with us so he wouldn't be alone. It was obviously a hard day for him.

And my grandpa. It seems like he's aged 10 years in the 3.5 years since Aunt Marie died. While he is very much still my grandpa, who loves to make bad jokes to the waitstaff and drone on about his tennis game and his sail boat, it's a hard thing to watch. 

I had about 15 minutes to spare after we finished brunch. As I drove through the center of campus (which was that eerie summertime empty that seems so unnatural), I pulled onto a side street and parked my car.

The cloudy morning had given way to a gorgeous early afternoon and I had those spare 15 minutes. 

Might as well spend it in the middle of somewhere beautiful.     

Somewhere quiet.

Somewhere that on Sunday, all emotional about the new job and the Father's Day family time and the great weather and a few sweet but meaningless text messages and everything else, brought tears to my eyes.

Tears. I kid you not.

Apparently I have a Place and I didn't even know it.


Accidentally Me said...

Your conscience wouldn't let you have a drink before reporting to work on Sunday at a job you were already quitting?

This proves definitively that your conscience is SUBSTANTIALLY more reliable than mine!!!

Also, more on these text messages, please:-)

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