Friday, June 07, 2013

Random blog post about random text message

It's Friday. I am on vacation next week. The only productive thing I am going to get done at work today is setting my out-of-office auto reply at approximately 5:56 pm.

This week has been very busy in a very boring way. A lot of the usual, you know?

Oh. Except I got called back for another job interview on Tuesday. Exciting.

And I booked Lucy and I hotel rooms for the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

And The Coach sent me this gem of a text message. 

Upon further clarification: what he wanted to know was if I thought he was marriage material.

Which he asked me about via text message. From a bar. Where he was in the company of his parents.


I got a good day of entertainment from that exchange, dissection of which went so far as AM assembling a panel of male coworkers to delve into the male psyche.

A girl could get excited about such a thing but I chose to merely be amused.

And then I thought I was going to see him but I didn't and maybe he had a legitimate reason (I talked to him and I do actually think that he did) and, oh, right, it isn't my business if your reason is legitimate or if it is not. Whatever, bro. I don't need your cute face to sit on the front porch and eat oatmeal raisin cookies.

Which is the Smitten Kitchen recipe, if you were curious. And quite delicious. 

Not caring feels the best.


Kari said...

And what was your response?

my life is brilliant said...

Kudos to you for being so cool about it, because I'm dying for details!!! What did AM's panel say? And I second wanting your response!

A said...

The truth.

That he's a good guy and, if I were talking about him with my girlfriends, I'd say he has potential.

(Like, once he grows the hell up.)

Accidentally Me said...

The panel says that it is 95% sure that he harbors at least some feeling for our dear Aly as more than just a girl he "hangs out with" occasionally. Mostly, guys are generally paranoid about girls wanting more than them, and they would never mention the word marriage in any context unless they were not worried about having that kind of conversation.

5% he has some deep emotional problems:-)

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