Saturday, June 01, 2013

Internet addiction, funerals and The Coach

As I mentioned last week, Meg and I are looking at apartments for our trip to Brazil next summer. We were mulling over one that quite clearly stated that it did not have internet access. I sent her the listing and the quote, we were obviously looking at it at the same time, and we emailed each other at the same time. "But it doesn't have internet."

Not that it's a complete deal breaker, but it would be terribly inconvenient. We didn't have internet in our room for the two weeks we were in Africa and that in itself was a pain in the ass.

As if to shine a spotlight on my maybe-not-so-healthy dependence on the majestic expanse that is the world wide web, I had a ridiculously busy Thursday and an equally hectic Friday and was almost completely disconnected for the entirety of two days (not even time to blog!) and I would be lying if I didn't admit that there was a second or two when I felt like I was missing whatever exciting things were happening on the interwebs over those busy few days. Seriously. You never really appreciate how many emails you receive over the course of a day until you receive them all at once. It's a little overwhelming.

Yeah. So, anyway, I have mild issues and The Facebook clearly isn't the whole problem.

Despite keeping me out of the loop, Thursday and Friday were fairly phenomenal days.

Thursday featured a job interview that went really, really well. (Could I bother you to cross your fingers for me?)

And then I got an oil change which I needed to do and was not phenomenal by any stretch of the imagination but I can appreciate not having to think about that for a while.

After that, I went to Marie's dad's funeral. Nothing about a funeral or the burial or the luncheon can be described as fun, but I was really grateful that I could get the day off of work so that I could be there for her. I had only planned on going to the funeral, but she flat-out asked me if I was joining the funeral procession and going to the cemetery and I said I would go if she wanted me to and she just nodded and there wasn't any question. I was going. On a very, very long and very, very slow drive into Detroit. It was hot and I was wearing stockings but I am still glad that I went. That's just what friends do.

Friday marked the return of The Coach. Usually, when he gets home I graffiti the blog with every thought, musing, observation, description, insecurity and emotion that I have about his long-anticipated arrival.

Forgive me for holding out on you at the moment. I'm feeling oddly quiet -- and oddly calm -- about his return. It was just so nice to see his face. It was just so nice to have him around. It was just so nice to be with him and not worry about what I should be saying or what we should be doing or how it should be. It just was. And it made me so happy.


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