Monday, June 03, 2013

Hometown Royalty

Last Thursday, I interviewed for a position in Mom and Dad's hometown.

I applied for the job on a whim. I was (and still am) frustrated with the hiring process with Former Coworker B and, despite the lofty job title, the salary and the relative size of the community made me think that landing an interview was at least a possibility.

I didn't think much of the job after I sent over my resume and my cover letter. I forgot to even mention it to my mother until after they called me for an interview.

"Make sure you ask your grandmother all about it," Mom told me. "You know, when she owned her bookstore, she had some connections there."

It made a bit of sense. But when I mentioned it to my grandma (the week after she made me cry), she didn't have much to say about it at all.

But I still couldn't shake off the feeling that maybe I got the interview because of my name.

My mom's maiden name is my middle name and I include it on my resume. With Grandma's bookstore and their four overachieving children, people knew their family. And, with their athletically overachieving children and their long tenure in the community, people know my dad's family, too.

Prior to my interview, Lucy and I joked about how I basically amounted to royalty and I was just returning to take my rightful place in the community.

And then I was right.

Not about the royalty. (Okay, maybe just a little.) But about the part where my name was recognized.

When I walked in the building, I was met by the board president. "I know I shouldn't ask you this," she said after I introduced myself, "but did you grow up in Parkview?"

Parkview was the subdivision that my mother grew up in. Everyone knew my mom and her siblings lived in Parkview, the 1960s subdivision of all subdivisions. My grandparents still live there.

And, after I gave her a brief explanation, she followed it up with "And do you know Robbie SoMidwestern?"

My dad.

She was my dad's teacher in elementary school.

I quite nearly died on the spot. I couldn't tell you exactly how I responded to either question because I was so shocked that it was really happening rather than that situation being something that I dreamed up in my head but never actually came to fruition.

But this time, apparently my hunch that I would be outed as the offspring of two natives was spot on.

The rest of the interview was totally normal. I'm not counting on any special treatment. I'm not counting on the job.

Whenever I interview, I'm always like "blah, blah, blah, it was good experience and good practice."

Forget that noise. That, my friends, was a good and awkward story.


CheapRunnerMichelle said...

You know what...these days...if it gets your foot in the door...

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