Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feelings! All of the feelings!

I didn't have it marked on the calendar, but apparently it's Feelings Tuesday here in my humble little world.

Maybe I should clarify that: Negative Feelings Tuesday.

I am feeling bitter. I am only working until noon and I had all of these grand plans to meet Meg at the lake and slather myself in sunscreen and spend the whole day trying to remember to flip myself over at regular intervals. And it's raining.

I am feeling overwhelmed. Trying to wrap up two years of work basically sucks.

I am feeling stretched a little too thin. You know when you're trying to quit your job and run your soccer team and plan a trip to Brazil and research rental houses for August while brainstorming a baby present and mentally planning out post-baby meals (that must be vegetarian) for your favorite little family and you're also trying not to forget your massage appointment for Friday or to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer? Yeah. That.

I am feeling scared. Former Coworker B forwarded me an email exchange between him and a well-respected figure in our industry. They were discussing my new job. And me and what a big job I have ahead of myself and how what I'm walking into probably isn't sustainable in the long-term and Former Coworker B meant nothing bad by forwarding me that email (and sent me a follow up to make it clear that, however it shakes out, the job will be great experience for me) but it has turned me inside out.

I am feeling hideous. My hair doesn't want to cooperate. My skin looks seriously rough. I basically hate all of my clothes except my new skinny jeans and my feet are ugly.

I am feeling frustrated. I have one week to buy Meg the perfect birthday present and I have no great ideas except to buy her something off of her list and you know what she wants? A waffle iron. A waffle iron is no fun! I mean, okay, waffles are fun and being able to make waffles at home is fun but I always have something clever to give her that she hasn't asked for but really likes and this time I don't and I just want to stomp my feet about it for a little while. Then I will buy the damn waffle iron. 

I am feeling like I need a drink. 


Readyandfading said...

Relax. Transitions are scary. You are VERY capable of so much and it will all get done. Maybe not today, but soon. Do not doubt yourself. I am so guilty of this, but don't. The email being forwarded to you....well, to start it off, they shouldn't be talking about you anyway, but seriously, you don't need haters. You need support and well wishes and encouragement. You will do GREAT. You are very very capable.

my life is brilliant said...

Have you heard of Cards Against Humanity? That could be a fun side gift! It's kind of like Apples to Apples, but a more adult version. Its slogan is "A card game for horrible people." I think you guys would love it! It's hysterical.

Fabulously Always said...

Take a breath and enjoy your success. You know, life in the day a little bit. Vegetarian meal planning can wait, you don't have to be Betty Crocker. Be proud of yourself :)

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