Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Everyone has a skill

I'm writing out our lineup for our first game of summer Sunday soccer. Which is, oddly, on Friday.

Still, I'm preparing it early because there's a lot going on between now and Friday at 7:00 pm and, if I get it done, it's one less thing I need to worry about. (Other things to worry about include: packing up the jerseys for our new players, our game ball and the corner flags, going to the bank for cash to pay the referees, remembering my own uniform since I'll be going straight to the game from work, making a reservation for our post-game outing, etc.)

I'm jotting out who will play center midfielder. We play with two. Stacy and Megan. No. Stacey and Megan. Not M-e-g-h-a-n. Not S-t-a-c-y.

That is something that I am consistently good at: spelling names. I'm very aware of how people save their name. And I spell them right.

It is unquestionably a biproduct of having my name spelled incorrectly for my entire life. It is the random skill that I picked up because my parents decided to spell Alyson with a Y instead of in I.

Truthfully, I take a good bit of delight in not interchanging Brigitte/Bridget, Lindsay/Lindsey, or Hilary/Hillary. It's a name. I think that's important. And, subsequently, I spend a lot of time double-checking when I type out a name in an email or jot it onto a soccer lineup. I hate to get that wrong even though I barely notice, let alone take offense, when my own name is spelled incorrectly.

What's your random skill?


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