Monday, May 13, 2013

The Rest of Mother's Day

While Grandma's words hurt, they did not ruin Mother's Day. I shook them off the best that I could and saved my tears for blogging and bedtime.

My sister, my cousins and I put on a lovely little party for our mothers.

We had the party at Meg's new house, which I will have to write more about later. It really is a darling little home in a really cute area. Meg closed on it just a few weeks ago; she's been busy moving in ever since. Mother's Day was the first opportunity for her to show it off to our family.   
We made grilled pizzas because it is easy and it is fun. Meg and I bought pizza dough and all of the necessary pizza toppings -- pepperoni and mozarella and sun-dried tomatoes and pesto and everything in between. We made a little station with the grilled pizza dough and all of the toppings and let everyone create their own masterpiece. We brought their pizzas back out to the grill while they filled up their plates with sides. Such an easy meal for a party, great for the summer and a nice switch up from the traditional grilled fare.  

Our cousin Paul was in charge of bringing an enormous salad. (Paul, age 26, in response to our group email discussing Mother's Day assignments: "Can I buy it from a pizza place or do I have to, like, craft this shit?") Danielle made appetizers. Liz, our bartender for the day, fixed up French martinis. And, for dessert, Meg and I made pies.

Pizzas and pies is a random combination.

Although, any meal that finishes with a caramel apple, German chocolate, strawberry rhubarb pie trio is bound to be a damn fine meal.

* * *

Mom and I celebrated an early Mother's Day on Friday, too. Lucy wanted us to join her and her mother for an early Mother's Day tea. Who can resist such an invitation?

We made reservations at the fun little tea room where we celebrated Lucy's 30th birthday last June. I don't know why I love the tea room so much, but I just think that sipping tea and nibbling on scones and tea sandwiches and pretending to be a fancy lady is such a fun way to spend a few hours.

It would be a really adorable venue for a wedding shower or a baby shower.

I would not mind, one day, being the guest of honor at such an event. Tea room or not.

* * *

On a related subject: I want to come clean on one little embarassing incident.

After my soccer game yesterday, I stopped at Tim Horton's for a bagel. I passed a woman and a few kids while walking inside. "Happy Mother's Day!" one of the kids shouted at me.

It nearly made me cry.

And not even because the kid thought that I looked old enough to be somebody's mother.


Unknown said...

Those pies look delicious, and I would like to join your family. How do I apply to be a favorite distant cousin?

A said...

We're always looking for more awesomness to join the family, BV. You fit the criteria!

Accidentally Me said...

A weird combination? Alyson, pizza IS A PIE!

And just for the record, to any kid under age 12, everyone over 16 looks "old".

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