Sunday, May 26, 2013


I'm doing it again.

Wishing by days. Wishing by whole weeks. Wishing by entire weekends that aren't going quite my way.

Instead of appreciating every perfect moment, I judge the days and the weeks and the weekends by the whole. I'm not deliriously happy? Let's just skip ahead. Everything isn't going my way? Pass.

There is optimism in my thinking. I will give myself that. There isn't any logic in wishing away the present if you don't believe that the future will be better.

I always believe that it will be better.

But it will never just be better. My boss may be more palateable in a week, but maybe my back will hurt. My back will heal in a few days, but my heart might be broken. My broken heart will heal eventually, but work might get annoying just as my tears dry up.

All or nothing isn't a thing.

Life isn't all. It will never be all.

And you can't wish it away.


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