Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Kentucky 2013: part 3

A few random thoughts while it's all still fresh.

Being in Louisville so recently after the Cardinals beat my Wolverines for the NCAA Men's Basketball championship was slightly painful. I briefly considered buying Meg some Louisville swag but it was too raw I just couldn't do it.

Nor did I really have time. If we weren't at the hotel or at Churchill Downs, we were at dinner. That's all we had time for.

Speaking of dinner: oh, we ate well. We ate so well. Either I had great luck choosing restaurants or Louisville has a lot of great dining. On Thursday, we ate at Harvest. On Friday, our dinner was at Hillbilly Tea. We finished up the trifecta at Rye on Saturday night. Seriously delicious. All three.

Oh. And that apple fritter I mentioned in my Friday recap? It was from Nord's Bakery. The ass-kicking lattes we got on Friday morning were from Sunergos Coffee. It was such a good experience that we went back for a final round of lattes on our way home.

I did not have one mint julep during the entire Kentucky Derby weekend experience because I was an honorary member of Team Pregnant, abstaining in solidarity with Lucy, so I had no bourbon. I am definitely not a martyr; it was no big deal. Drinking is not something that I ever feel that I absolutely have to do in order to have a proper good time. Plus, skipping on the mint juleps gives me a really excellent reason to go back, drink all of the bourbon I missed out on this year, and determine if drunkenness makes me better or worse at betting on the ponies. 

Poor Lucy was feeling craptastic after dinner on Saturday night. She's been feeling nauseated a lot lately, so it wasn't a surprise. I did what any good friend would do and went to get hot water in which to steep her ginger tea. Then I ate the entire dessert we'd taken home from the restaurant because she insisted that she couldn't possibly have even a bite. That's what friends do: step up in your time of need.

The drive from Detroit to Louisville is relatively quick and painless. Lucy and I had absolutely no problem filling the six hour drive to Louisville with nonstop chatter; Lucy and I had absolutely no problem filling the six hour drive back to Detroit with nonstop chatter. But the ride home always seems longer, doesn't it? Lucy was anxious to see her boys. I was anxious to not be driving. 

All in all, it wasn't a horribly expensive weekend. That was a bonus. The tickets weren't cheap but they weren't the most outrageous tickets I've ever purchased. The biggest hit was on our hotel room. When I think about the rate in relation to the relative mediocrity of the hotel I cringe, but that's what happens at a big event.

The good and the bad is that it was an awesomely fun weekend. Wanting to be at the World Cup every four years is bad enough. Now I'm going to want to go to the Derby every year. This is why I can't have nice things.


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