Sunday, May 05, 2013

Kentucky 2013: part 1

Oh my word, boys and girls. What fun we had! I am absolutely exhausted. But not too tired to tell you about the first half of our trip.

We drove down on Thursday night. We got to Louisville just before 10:00 pm, had a really awesome dinner, found our hotel, dragged in our luggage and tried to get to bed.

We were up early the next morning. I've been unable to sleep past 7:00 am lately; Lucy is used to getting up with the baby. Though our alarm wasn't set until 8:00 am, we got up and started getting ready.

Our hotel had breakfast so we ate a little bit there and headed off in search of a well-reviewed coffee shop nearby. The well-reviewed coffee shop is next door to an equally well-reviewed bakery. We stopped in and picked up a couple of snacks for the day. (You can bring food into the racetrack, which seems just crazy to me.)

We made a quick trip to Walgreens and bought sunscreen (for Friday) and rain ponchos (for Saturday), both items that we ended up really needing. Smart stop. Then it was off to Churchill Downs.

Before we entered Churchill Downs, we had to stop for a quick photo.

We arrived in time to catch the first race of the day. Our seats were phenomenal. There was a father/son duo from North Carolina who sat in front of us and were both friendly and happy to answer our idiotic questions about betting on the ponies. 

Apple fritters bring me joy.
It didn't take us long to find our groove. Watch a race. Take a trip over to the paddock to check out the horses in the next race, or make a run to the bathroom, or put in a bet, or get a bite to eat, or check out the shenanigans in the infield or do a bit of souvenir shopping.  
We spent a lot of time watching the horses come 'round the corner and into the straightaway.
 Lucy insisted that we buy a Daily Racing Form. We poured over it like we actually knew what was going on and, eventually, we sort of did.

For a good number of the races, we had a really, really great view of the starting gates. 

We stayed at the racetrack for the entire day and it passed by quite quickly. It didn't take long to realize that having money on a horse made each race a little more enjoyable. We didn't bet huge amounts of money and we didn't really care. Plus we were both ahead. It felt good to be ahead.

The Oaks was a hot, sunny, fun adventure.
After the races, we went back to the hotel for a spell before heading out for our dinner reservations. We didn't stay out late, on account of being generally exhausted and pregnant (Lucy, that is) and wanted to be rested and ready for another big day at Churchill Downs. We formulated a plan for the next day, set our alarm, bitched about the weather forecast and hit the hay.  


Unknown said...

You both look so cute! It sounds like y'all had fun. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

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