Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's the little things

...that annoy me the most. Including:
  • Spam comments left on my blog. So many lately. What the hell? They don't all get through, but some do so I always check so I can delete and that's just irritating.
  • When my nail polish is chipped.
  • When I attempt to fix my chipped nail polish and just make the whole situation worse.
  • Using a brightly-colored soccer ball in a game. I am a traditionalist and, if you must own a hot pink ball, it should only be used in practice.
  • Being in a public place and overhearing someone drone on and on about a subject on which they are not knowledgeable (but think that they are) and I am.  
  • When girls play soccer wearing shorts that are too short. (Basically, shorts that aren't soccer shorts.)
  • Working on Saturdays when there are fun things I am missing. Today, it's watching the Preakness Stakes and meeting Meg's potential new dog and enjoying the sunshine.
  • Wanting to blog but feeling like I don't have anything interesting to blog about.
  • Blogging and feeling like what I just blogged was just a boring list of what I've been up to and not interesting to anyone but myself. And perhaps not even to myself.
  • Chicks at the gym who don't put their hair up. As long as their hair is long enough to put up, obviously.
  • When sports teams live-tweet an event. Can't you create a separate account for the play-by-play? Stop clogging up my timeline!
  • When the most recent text message in my inbox isn't from The Coach. I know.
  • Needless fussiness. If you don't have a damn good reason for being so particular, you're wasting my time and my energy.
  • Waking up before my alarm.
  • The sound of my alarm.
  • Alarm clocks in general.
  • Dealing with people who are worrying about inconsequential things. I'm talking to you, new-girl-on-my-soccer-team-who-is-worrying-about-her-jersey-number.
  • Wasting tickets of any kind. For a sporting event or for a concert, I hate wasting tickets. I don't care if I lose money, but it's such a shame for them to go to waste.
  • Not being able to find something I should be able to find. I usually have a pretty good handle on where my belongings are located; when I can't find something, I turn into a madwoman and must tear through everything until the issue is resolved or I just can't stop thinking about it.
  • My self-imposed one coffee per day limit. I WANT ALL OF THE COFFEE.


Readyandfading said...

Love this list! I always make my nail polish situation ten times worse when I try to fix it...ALWAYS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it, too. I copied and linked you!

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