Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holiday Weekend: Google Image Search Style

Anybody have big plans for the holiday weekend?

I do not. I have plans. I have lots of little plans but nothing terribly remarkable. No travel. Nothing that cannot change at a moment's notice. Nothing I absolutely have to do and nothing I cannot miss. Nothing that fills me with so much excitement and anticipation that I feel like I'm going to burst, unfortunately. But not every weekend can be Kentucky Derby weekend, I suppose.

And I have three days off work.

This will do.   

The watching of hockey.
It's playoff time here in Detroit. I'm planning on catching tonight's game on the treadmill. We'll watch some of Saturday's game at the bar. And, if there's a game on Monday, I wouldn't mind a couple of tickets and someone fun to to join me in supporting the hometown team at the Joe.

An hour of kickboxing.
Meg really wants cousin/roommate Liz and I to join her for a class at her kickboxing gym. I could pass on this activity but, whatever, it won't be that bad and it will also shut her up. 

A bit of shopping.
Meg also wants us to go shopping. I have fewer complaints about that. 

The watching of futbol.
The local team has a game on Saturday night; we'll catch their match before heading to the bar to partake in the watching of the hockey.

A yoga class with Grandma.
I'm feeling a little worked up a the moment. I could really use an hour on the mat.

Hat crafting with Lucy.
We've got a plan up our sleeves and it involves hot glue and ribbons.

Lots of reading.
I hope. I recently started this book and I would like to make a significant dent.

My cousin Max's birthday party.
Scheduled to be held at Aunt Annette's house on Monday afternoon. I might be a horrible big cousin, but I wouldn't mind missing this in order to make a trip downtown to watch hockey, as I previously mentioned. Preferably with a cute boy.


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